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Gather 'round my most precious Tigerlilies! What's up?
I have never had a blog before, so please bear with me. This is my first ever post. I began doing tuts for LMB and I am having so much fun with it, I thought I would try a blog.

This is one of the first tuts I ever did. I hope you have fun with it.

And yeah, since I am new at this, please let me know what I might need to do in order to make stuff more fun.

Hello, my precious Tigerlilies! I have a tut for you! This one uses the Adorable LilMzsBrainstorms kit Jessy, and the awesome tube Jessy from Lysisange. 
I assume you have a working knowledge of Paint Shop Pro and Animation Shop.
I used Jasc PSP9 and AS3.
You can get both the tube and the kit at You will need a license to use the tube.
Any resemblance to any tuts written for this are purely coincidental and unintentional.
Let's begin.
Open Paper 1 from the kit. Duplicate. Resize to 80%. You should have a canvas that is 600 X 600.
Create a new raster layer and flood fill with white.
Apply a mask of your choice.
If you have Alien Skin's Snap Art, you can apply a watercolor effect. I used Assorted Full Coverage and applied it to the bottom layer (the paper). If you do not have the Snap Art package, you can substitute with a similar filter or you can go to Adjust/Blur and fuzz it up a little bit.
Do not merge yet. Open Element 19 and paste it as a new layer in between the background layer and the top layer. Below the mask.
Add a drop shadow and then Merge All.
Open the tube. I used Jessy 5, but the super fantastic thing about this kit is all layers will totally match! Resize and adjust to fit how you want her to look. I placed her off to the side so I could get more elements from the kit into the tag.
Element 51
Resize 70
Paste as New Layer
Drop Shadow
Element 1
Resize 70
free rotate left 27
Paste as new layer
Drop shadow
Now, you may wish to play around with different elements and arrangements of the layers. That is so cool! Have fun!
Element 29
resize 55
drop shadow
Element 73
resize 25%
Drop Shadow
Element 114
Paste as New Layer
Drop Shadow
Element 12
Resize to 75%
Paste as new layer
Free rotate left 25
Drop shadow
Element 18
Use the Watercolor effect if you have it.
Then add Flaming Pear's Lacquer if you have that one. If you do not have that, the Inner Bevel filter that came with your PSP will work well.
Element 17
Resize 12%
Paste as New Layer
Add drop shadow
Add your credits.
If you wish to add a bit of animation to the tag, you can make a bit of sparkle. If you do not wish to, you can add your name if you wish.
I used the font Sugarcakes
If you wish to animate your tag, choose your Freehand Selection tool and draw around what you want to sparkle. When you have selected what you want to glitter, go up to the tab marked Window and select Duplicate. Make 2 duplicates. You should have 3 frames total.
Fir the first one, Select Adjust/add noise.
I used monochrome Gausian and my first frame was 53.
Then I chose select none under the selections tab and I went to adjust and chose sharpen. That gives your tag some extra polish. Make sure you sharpen all layers. Whatever you do to one layer, you must do to all the layers or it would not look smooth.
Go to the Edit tab and select copy.
Then go to Animation Shop and do Paste and then choose Paste as New Animation.
Go back to Paint Shop Pro for your second frame.
Repeat the procedure for adding noise. Keep in mind that you don't want to go too much more than 5 beyond or the glitter will look odd when you animate it. I usually go in increments of 5. So since my first frame was 53, my second frame will be 58.
Copy and go to Animation Shop and Paste After Current Frame.
Follow the same instructions for the third frame and increase noise to 63.
Now over at Animation Shop you have three frames. Go to View and select View Animation.
If you are satisfied with the tag, Save the tag as an MNG file. The reason for saving it this way is you have a blank tag. It will not continually re-optimize so you won't get gremlins.
When you are ready for the names, do your thing in PSP and then carry it over to AS. Duplicate to match the number of frames, so in this case, you want 3 frames.
Copy/paste is a bit more tricky. Click in frame 1 of your name. Select all. Then copy. Go to your tag. Select All. Then Paste Into Selected Frame. Do not let go of your mouse. You can adjust your position and then click to set it.
Then save, but change the file type to GIF.
I hope you like it! Have Fun!

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