Thursday, December 28, 2017

Tagbacks - Sigs and Avs

Here are some fun Avs and Sigs for you to snag and use. No credit needed as everything came from PSP.

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Christmas Cabaret

Hello My precious little Sugarplums, I have a little Christmas treat for you. This is a fun Christmas tag called Christmas Cabaret.


Sunday, December 3, 2017

Merry Beachmas

Hello, my precious little Sugarplums! Here is a little snaggie Facebook Timeline and Profile pic for you all to have! Enjoy!

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Winter Opal

Gather 'round my precious Tigerlilies, I have a new tut for you! I did this tut on November 29 using PSP9 and Animation Shop. Any resemblance to existing tuts is a coincidence.

OK, here is what you will need:
A tube - I am using Augustina by Verymany. You need a license to use her beautiful work. You can find everything you need at 
A kit - I am using Cheer by Tiny Turtle Designs at 
Now, these are PTU items. If you have existing items that you wish to use, go right ahead. Sometimes it's really fun to just do your thing and make the tuts your own. I hope you will show me what all you do! I love seeing what people do with the tuts. 
Just follow your heart and have fun!
Next you will want a mask of your choice.
Choose two fonts. I picked Sunshine Blvd and Quantify which I got at You will want the fonts to be different - such as one block and one script.
The filters I used are Flaming Pear Lacquer and Flaming Pear SuperBladePro. You can substitute if you want. I am old and I got these as freebies to try many years ago and I loved them and I will probably die still using them.

OK, so let's begin. Open a 650 X 650 canvas
Floodfill with Paper 31 from the Cheer kit.
New Raster Layer. Floodfill with white.
Apply your mask.
Return to bottom layer.
Layer Properties.
Set Opacity at 87.
Merge all.

My tube is kind of weird so in order to make sure I place everything right, I want to place my tube next. I resized her to 60% and Pasted As New Layer and I placed her where I wanted and added a drop shadow. 

Element 77 - resize 60% drop shadow
Element 76 - resize 60% crop and erase as needed. 
                      Add Noise 41
                      Duplicate Layer
                      Drop Shadow
Element 10 - Free Rotate 25% Left
                      Resize 80%
                      Apply Lacquer and play with it until it looks sort of like a golden opal. Each person's                            PSP settings are going to be different. 
                      Apply drop shadow
                       Duplicate the layer and mirror. Arrange where you want it.
Element 8 - resize 20% Paste and drop shadow
Element 68 - mirror resize 20% drop shadow
Element 20 - resize 20% paste and drop shadow
Element 44 - resize 20% paste and drop shadow

Depending on how your tube is, you may wish to arrange all your stuff differently than I did mine. You may want to duplicate more elements or delete some and add others from the kit. Go ahead! Make it your own! 

When you have everything how you like it, merge all your layers, go to Adjust, then select Sharpen, and add your credits.

Next, we are going to do the Winter Opal Word Art.
I would advise saving your work at this point because if anything crazy happens, you have a blank copy.

Open a new canvas I use a bigger one than what I need because I like having room.
Choose the font that you want to use for the Winter.  Since I generally work larger because I find it easier to use a larger size and then resize it to fit into my picture, I generally go with 48. Type the word winter. I used the SuperBladePro filter with the Aqualite setting and it gave me this coppery effect that totally looked like it belonged with my tube. I added a drop shadow and resized it to 60$ and then sharpened it and added it to my picture.
Then for the word Opal, I used my Sunshine Blvd font. I used Lacquer for the filter. When I placed it - after resizing to 60%, instead of a drop shadow, I used Add Noise at 41 and I used Eye Candy's Corona filter with a color chosen from the tube. It caused the word to look like an opal. If you do not have Eye Candy, you can use Drop Shadow which came with PSP and you can change the color and switch the Vertical offset to 3 and the horizontal to 1 to get the same effect.
Sharpen when you are satisfied.

If you do not wish to animate your tag, you are finished. I hope you had a good time.
Please show me what you did.

Open Animation Shop.
Go back to PSP.
Choose your Freehand Selection tool and draw around what you want to become glittery. As I said, I like to make my areas extra big. Go to View, then Choose Zoom and Zoom In. Or you can use your mouse's roller button to make the image bigger. Sometimes people like the menu and sometimes people like the mouse. 
When you have circled all your areas, zoom back to 100%.
You should have marching ants around all your choices. 
Go to Window and then Choose Duplicate. Select Duplicate two times so that you have three pictures.

For your first picture, go to Adjust, choose Add Noise. I like Gausian Monochrome for this one. I also like a lower number. 50 for this one. Then Sharpen. Then Select None so the Marching Ants go away. Copy this. Take it over to Animation Shop and Past as New Animation.

Back to PSP. Minimize the first picture.
Go to the second picture. Add noise, but this time increase it to 55. Here is a little trick. You don't want to increase your noise by too much. That is why sometimes noise looks blurry. Never increase greater than 5. And always sharpen every time you add noise or resize. It will keep those little nasty gremlins from coming when you optimize your animation. 
Sharpen and Select None.
Copy and Carry over to Animation Shop, but this time you will Paste After Current Frame.

Back to PSP. Minimize the second picture.
Add Noise increased to 60. Sharpen. Select None.
Carry over to Animation Shop.
Paste After Current Frame.

Now one thing I always do before I do anything else is I go to Animation and View. I want to look for any problems with animation and I want to make sure everything is smooth and did everything look like how I imagined it would. Once I am satisfied, I save a copy as an MNG file. This is a non-optimized copy. If you want to add a name or an element you would use the MNG. If you keep optimizing a GIF you get gremlins. Nobody likes gremlins.

When you are sure you are satisfied and you are ready to offer this as I am right now, then you save as a GIF and you can share with your friends! I hope you had fun!

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Tut - Fairywishes

Hello, my precious Tigerlilies, I have a magical tut for you today!

This tut is just adorable!
Here is what you are going to need:
The font Christmas on Crack from
A winter mask of your choice. 
A fairy tube in Christmas or Winter colors. I am using a tube by Amy Brown from Creative Design Outlet. You must have a license to use her work. 
A winter or Christmas themed scrap kit that coordinates with your tube. My kit was also purchased at CDO. It is a mini kit by Babycakes Scraps called Holiday Glow. 
Now, here's the thing. Sometimes I use PTU but that doesn't mean you have to go out and buy what I am using. If you have something you love that is FTU or if you want to use a whole other kit or tube or another color or theme, go ahead. That is part of the fun of tuts. Nothing has to be exact exact. Tuts are for fun.
Flaming Pear Lacquer filter (or Inner Bevel or Eye Candy Glass)

I made this tut using Paint Shop Pro 9 on November 25. Any resemblance to existing tuts is coincidental.

OK, let's begin.

Open New canvas 600 X 600

Use Paper 2 and floodfill.
New Raster Layer, floodfill white.
Apply your mask.
Go back to Raster 1 and apply Lacquer Filter of your liking. I used Dodge and Burn, and it looked like a pen and ink drawing so I Changed to Target and colored in red to make it stand out a little bit more.

Use element 36 and resized it to 80% and added a drop shadow and pasted it as a new layer. 

Adjust your tube so that it is in front of the frame how you like it. Add a drop shadow.

Element 22 - Adjust - Add Noise - 51
Then add drop shadow.
The reason you want to add the noise before you do the drop shadow is because if you put the drop shadow on and then you add the noise is because then your shadow will be glittery and it might look strange.
Everyone likes a different drop shadow so I leave that up to you. That is why I don't indicate specific drop shadow numbers.

Element 7 - resize 70% - drop shadow - Paste as new layer 
Element 1 - resize 70% - free rotate 25 left
You may need to erase the stem behind the bird.
Adjust - add noise - 51
Drop Shadow

Element 8 - resize 30%
Apply Lacquer Vivid B change colors to gold
Adjust - Add Noise 51

Element 14 - resize 85
drop shadow
Duplicate Layer

Element 17 - Paste as New Layer - Lacquer - Add Noise 51
Drop Shadow

Element 13
Now, I needed to mirror this. You may not need to depending on your tube. Feel free to mirror, flip and adjust any elements so that your tube fits.
Resize 40% 
Add Noise 51
Drop Shadow

25 - free rotate right 25 and resize to 40%
Adjust - add Noise 51.
Paste and drop shadow

Merge all your layers and then go to Adjust and select Sharpen. Any time you resize anything, it is a good idea to sharpen it back up because sometimes resizing can blur the images a teeny bit. This way you can freshen them back up and it makes them crisp.

Add your credits and then we will do our word art.

You can use any phrase or font you wish. Or you can use a name. 

I chose the font Christmas on Crack because it looked like a story book fairy tale one. 
I used a gradient that I had made years ago. You can use any color, gradient or pattern that you like to go with your tag. Type your text and set it how you like. I applied the lacquer filter again and applied a drop shadow.

I hope you had fun! 

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Tigerlily's Christmas Tuts - Naughty or Nice

Snow is in the air, my precious Tigerlilies, and what better way to spend the Holidays than with PSP? Yay!

I have a fun fun tut for you today!

I created this tut on November 23, 2017. Any resemblance to any existing tuts is a coincidence. I used PSP9 and Animation Shop 3.

Here's what you need:

A mask of your choosing. I used one from Melissa with a lot of snowflakes.
Three distinctively different fonts
A tube. I am using a great one from Zlata_M You need a license to use her work. I got mine from Pics for Design.
The scrap kit Naughty or Nice by Pink Paradox 
Filters Flaming Pear Lacquer
Eye Candy Corona

Open a canvas of 650 X 650

Open Paper 3 from the kit. Fill.
Then open a new layer and floodfill with white. 
Apply your mask.
Go to your bottom layer and apply the lacquer filter. Now, if you don't have Flaming Pear's filter series, that is OK, because the Inner Bevel filter that came with your PSP can do the same effect. You may want to play with it until you get an effect that you like. I also changed my colors from black to red and I got a sort of grayish foil effect around my trees. 

Merge All

Paste your tube as a new layer and move around how you like. My tube is pretty straight up and down. If your tube is lying down or kneeling, your elements and text will be placed differently than mine are. Heck, if you don't like the ones I used, you don't have to use them. Do what you like. I love Pink Paradox's kits because they are jam-packed with great elements and papers. There are so many choices! 

Frame #6 Resize 40% and free rotate left 25. Drop Shadow.
I love drop shadow and I do it for nearly everything. I also use different settings all the time, so if you have your favorite settings, go ahead and use those because mine can sometimes be weird. 

14 - resize 25% drop shadow.
I also assume you know to paste as new layer so I don't need to say it.

47 and 48 resize 25% drop shadow arrange

2 resize 25 and drop shadow. Now I needed to mirror it and put it on the other side. You may want to keep it on the other side and mirror other elements.

52 resize 25% drop shadow 

53 resize 30 drop shadow

9 resize 50% drop shadow

91 resize 50% drop shadow

90 resize 50% and paste under the frame. Now, do not drop shadow this because you want it to look sort of kaleidoscope-ish. Use your eraser tool and erase the parts that are showing outside of the star frame. Then add noise at 57 so it sort of looks like when you look into a kaleidoscope. 

Now, for your word art, use your different fonts to make the words Naughty or Nice and arrange them on your tag. I did mine on a free space near the bottom, so if I wanted to put anything extra in the kaleidoscope part, I had that option too. 

Then add your credits.

If you don't want to animate, merge your layers, go to adjust, sharpen and you are finished. 

If you wish to animate, here's what you do. Merge all your layers.
We are going to glitter the jewelry. Of course your tube may have something different to glitter.
Then, using your freehand selection tool, draw around the areas you wish to glitter.
When you have all the areas you want chosen, go to window and choose duplicate and make two copies. 
On your first image, go to Adjust, add noise, leave it at 57, hit OK, then Select None. Then Adjust, Sharpen. 
Go to Edit, Copy, and carry over to Animation Shop. Go to Edit and Paste As New Animation.

Minimize that first one in PSP. 
On the second one that still has marching ants, go to Adjust, Add Noise, change the number to 62, OK, Select None, Adjust, Sharpen, Copy, Paste After Selected Frame.

Minimize Second one.
Final one - Adjust, Add Noise, change the number to 67, OK, Select None, Select None, Adjust, Sharpen, Copy, Paste After Selected Frame.

And there ya go! I hope you had fun!