Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Wordart challenge over at Divas. I thought this turned out super well. I used Missy Wordart Template #23.

Friday, June 29, 2018

Sweetheart Tut

Gather ‘round, my precious Tigerlilies, it’s time for another tut!
I know I have been gone for quite a while, but I am back and ready for action!
I used Paint Shop Pro 9 and Animation Shop 3 for my work. I also assume that you have a basic knowledge of both applications. Also, please bear in mind that my tuts are my own creations, and any resemblance to other tuts is entirely coincidental. Also, my tuts are guidelines. Please feel free to add your own creativity.

Here are the items I used:
PSP and AS
Sweetheart tube from Verymany You need a license to use the tube.
The PTU (Pay to Use) kit Sweet as Pie from Pink Paradox Productions as
Rachel Designs Mask Set 121 Mask 3 You can get it here
The font I used is Grenadier which I got at 1001 fonts
The filters I used were Eye Candy Glass
Flaming Pear Lacquer
Penta Jeans

Keep in mind that you do not need to use the exact same filters or fonts or kit elements. You do not need to use the same kit or tube if you do not feel like it. Make the tag your own.

Let’s begin.

Open Paper 26, duplicate, close original and resize copy to 70%.
New raster layer, floodfill white.
Apply mask.

Frame #8 resize 53% paste as new layer

Mirror Close Up view of tube. Paste as new layer underneath frame.
Erase excess that is sticking out.
Layer Properties and then Luminance Legacy
Apply Penta Jeans to your liking.

124 R/S 25%
126 Mirror R/S 20%
22 R/S 20%
23 R/S 20% slip into 22 and paste behind
28 R/S 30%
16 R/S 23%
127 and 128 R/S 30%
1 R/S 55%
14 R/S 55%

Arrange how you like and apply your drop shadows as you like on each layer.  You may like different sizes and elements than what I used. Have fun with your elements.

Merge all and add your credits.

Now, if you want to do the animation, feel free to do the glitter step. If now, feel free to just add some more elements and then add your name.

Here is how I did the glittery fireworks.

Use element 153 from the kit. And duplicate it once.
For the larger one
Resize to 45%
Adjust and Sharpen

For the smaller one
Resize the copy to 20%
Adjust and Sharpen.

Duplicate each one twice. I find it easier to do each animation separately.
Working with the big one first, you have 3 copies. On the first copy, choose Adjust, Add Noise and pick a number. I usually start around 55. I also usually choose Gausian. Once I have the glitter done, I select COPY, then carry it over to AS and go to Edit and choose Paste as New Animation.
A little secret about animation is keeping the glitter close together. I chose 55 for my first number, so I never want to go higher than 5. So my second copy needs to be 60. I add my noise and when I get over to AS, I want to Paste After Current Frame.
My third one would be 65.
In order to make sure everything is good with my three pictures that are now one animation, you can now go up to the View Tab and select View Animation. Make sure your glitter is how you like it and then we’ll paste it onto your tag.

So to past the glitter onto the tag, you would carry a copy of the tag over to AS and duplicate it twice. The you would go to the first frame of the firework animation and you would Select All and Copy. Then you would Click in the first frame of the Tag you just duplicated, choose select all, and then you would choose Paste into Selected Frame. You would move your mouse  (but don’t click yet) and when you have it where you want it, then you would click and the firework will show up in all three frames. Then you would click on View Animation so you can see the animation.

If the tag satisfies you, then you would follow the procedure for the smaller firework.

If you are ready, save your animation as an MNG file. Saving it this way will fix it so that you optimize only once when you add your name. That will cut down on gremlins.

You will need to add your names in the same way – three copies. If you decide that you want glitter, you would glitter using the same settings that you did on the fireworks.

Now, though, when you save, you will save as a GIF. But when you switch to a new name, you will undo optimize and undo paste.

For my lettering, I used glass on my top layer and then I expanded my selection by 3, added a new raster layer and floodfilled and applied Lacquer. I merged the two layers and drop shadowed.

I hope you had fun with this!

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Tagbacks - Sigs and Avs

Here are some fun Avs and Sigs for you to snag and use. No credit needed as everything came from PSP.

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Christmas Cabaret

Hello My precious little Sugarplums, I have a little Christmas treat for you. This is a fun Christmas tag called Christmas Cabaret.