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Gather 'round, my precious Tigerlilies! I have such a fun tut for you!
I wrote this tut on August 10, 2017. Any resemblance to existing tuts is purely coincidental. 
I used Jasc PSP9.

I am using the beautiful work of Ishika Chowdhury. Her tube Cressida can be purchased at and you will need a license to use her work.
The Kit is Cressida by LilMzsBrainstorms. This kit is so exciting! Plenty of fun things in here for all your needs. 
I am using the font Drawing Nature from
My mask is from MB & SW, but feel free to use your own mask if you wish.

Whenever I use a tube or kit element I always duplicate so that I am working with a copy and not an original.

Open paper 6 and resize it to 75%.
Add a New Raster Layer, but this time we're going to floodfill black. I know a lot of tuts call for white, but black is going to be an interesting variation.
Before you merge the layers after you apply the mask, go to Flaming Pear's Lacquer if you have it or to Inner Bevel and play with the effects until you have something you love. I liked my Lacquer effects with my mask because it reminded me of Northern Lights. 

For these elements, you may need to adjust size and placement depending on which tube you use. Or if you like other ones better, defo go for it and make the tag your own.
I always do a drop shadow on my items. Feel free to do a drop shadow to your liking.
Because the background is so dark, I chose a gray color to make the drop shadow stand out a bit more. You may want to use Adjust/Sharpen often.

Element 40 - resize 50%
Element 39 - resize 50%
Element 37 - resize 50%
I used Snap Art Watercolor, but you can apply a Gausian Blur in the Adjust pull down menu to achieve the same thing if you don't have Snap Art. 
Element 55 - 50%
Element 71 - do not resize
             Adjust/Add Noise/Gausian 70
             Adjust/Sharpen More   
Element 38 - resize 40%
Element 18 - resize 40%
Element 88 - resize 35%
Element 78 - resize 50%
Element 59 - resize 30%
             add noise 50
Element 67 - resize 30%
             Add noise 70
             Sharpen More
Element 72 - resize 20%
             Snap Art Watercolor
Element 87 - do not resize
             Erase as necessary to not obscure other layers.
             Add Noise 26
Element 77 - resize 30%
             I added another layer and used mirror and free rotate to place around the moth element. You may want to play around and see if having a couple of butterflies is nice for you too.

Add your credits at this point in time. 

For the name, I used black and applied my text - Drawing Nature is my font.
Then I did Selections?Modify?Expand?3
Then I added a New Raster Layer and Floodfilled with a cp;pr from the tube. 
I applied Lacquer to the bottom layer.
Then I chose Merge Visible, added a drop shadow and used Sharpen More. 
I pasted as New Selection and then moved my name around to fit into the tag.
I selected none and then I was done! 

I hope you had fun!

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Mermaid Sparkles

Gather 'round, my most precious tigerlilies! I have an amazing tut for you to try. It is super easy and the goodies from this kit are amazing! 

I wrote this tutorial on August 7, 2017. Any resemblance to existing tuts is purely coincidental.
I used PSP9 and AS3.

My tube is Airella from Misticheskaya. You need a license to use her work. I got mine at
My kit is Doll Mermaid 1 by LilMzsBrainstorms. I got my kit at
This kit is so exciting! It is jam packed with goodies for all your tagging needs!

As with all my tuts, please feel free to use any elements you wish and make your tag your own. Have fun!
You also don't have to animate if you don't want to.

Besides the kit and a tube, you will want a font. I am using Wibble and I got it at

OK, begin by opening a 600 X 600 canvas.
I used paper 8. I always duplicate and close the original so I am working with the duplicate and not the original. 
Resize the duplicate to 75%.
I thought the paper was a bit bright, so I went into layer properties and lowered the opacity to 75%. My eyes just may be googly. if it looks OK to you, you do not need to adjust the opacity at all.

Element 33 - move into place and add a drop shadow to your preferred settings. 
Resize your tube and place in between the background layer and the frame layer. Move the tube so that it is in the frame. My mermaid's tail is pretty fluffy, so I used free rotate and set it at 5 and adjusted her just a teeny tiny bit so she'd fill the frame better. You may have to mess with it a bit.

For this next series of elements you are going to resize all to 30% and place wherever you wish. You may need to mirror and rotate them depending on how your tube is positioned. 
You will also drop shadow as you like.

Element 10
Wlwmwnt 29
Element 86
Element 36
Element 44
Element 46
Element 65
Element 67

Element 32is going to be resized at 20%
Element 89 is going to be resized to 45%
Element 90 will be resized to 40%.

If you wish to use more elements, definitely go for it. 

When you are satisfied with the positioning of everything and of the placement, Merge All and add your credits. 

Now, this is how you add the glitter.
Using the freehand selection tool in PSP, draw around the things you want to glitter. I did not choose everything. I don't have a very steady hand so I like to Zoom In More and I tend to take a good while to do my outlining. Make sure your selection mode is at Add-Shift. It makes me so mad when it changes back to Replace, so I watch that setting very closely. 
When you do a freehand selection, you will see marching ants around what you did. 
When you are satisfied, go to Window and Duplicate two times.

On the first one go to Adjust and Add Noise. I used setting 60 and I had Gausian checked.
Then I hit Adjust Sharpen and sharpened my selections.
Then Select None.
I chose copy, and then carried it over to AS and selected Paste as new animation.
I repeated the procedure for the next two duplicates and I increased the Add Noise by 5 each time, so 65 and 70. You want to keep the noise fairly closely spaced.
Each time I carried it over to AS, I selected Past after current frame. 

When everything is copied, go to AS and select View and then Animation. 
If you are satisfied with your tag, save it as an MNG file. The reason for that is that MNG doesn't keep optimizing and it acts like a clean blank copy every time. 

Now it's time for the name.
Back in PSP, open a new canvas. I used 600 X 300. There was no way the font would be that massive, but I like a little elbow room. 
I chose Wibble font. I had it set at 72. For my shorter names I resized at 115% and for my longer names, I did not to resize down to 80% so as not to mess up the view of my mermaid's tail. 

Typre your name. 
Then go to Selections/Modify/Expand. Expand 4 and then select New Raster Layer and floodfill with a matching color from your tube or from the kit. 
Select None.
On the New Layer Adjust/Add Noise and take that layer to the bottom.
Select the top layer and apply Eye Candy 4000 HSB Noise and then glass. Merge Visible and add a drop shadow. Adjust/sharpen and copy.

Go to AS and Paste as New Animation.
Duplicate twice.

Now this part you need to be careful with. Click on the first frame of your name. Go to Edit and Choose Select All. Then choose Copy.
Then Click on the first frame of your MNG file. Choose Select all under Edit. Then Choose Paste Into Selected Frame. Now, this has a cool feature because you can position it how you want. You set the action by clicking with your mouse. You must use Selecte all And Paste Into Selected Frame or it won't work. 

When you are satisfied, save as a GIF.

I hope you had a good time with this tut!